Are you visiting Corfu or are you permanently living in the island and want to initiate psychotherapy, but Greek is not one of your strengths?

At Let’s Talk therapy takes place in English in the exact same way as it is provided in Greek. My studies and professional journey in the UK, except of the excellent knowledge of the language, taught me the way of thinking, the mentality and beliefs not only of British people, but of a variety of nationalities with which I worked with. But most importantly, my life in the UK gave me a deep personal understanding of how it feels like to be my true self in an environment that was so different to what I was used to. That’s why working therapeutically in English with people living permanently or periodically in Corfu gives me the pleasure to connect with all the positive and challenging parts that living in a foreign country may bring. As a therapist, working therapeutically in English is a special part of my job which gives me great satisfaction.

So…  Let's talk in English

Let's talk in a way that establishes from the very beginning till the end of the psychotherapeutic process a two-way, equal, interactive and evolutionary relationship between the two of us. Our common goal is to strengthen your ability to observe your difficult aspects and find your own ways to manage them without me. The treatment we choose to achieve your goal(s), depends on your own needs and is likely to be a synthetic one adapted to them. During our first session we agree on the treatment method we will follow as well as its special elements. By offering myself authentically, I am here to understand you and help you be your own authentic self. At Let's Talk you can find a warm and welcoming environment which provides the necessary privacy as one of the basic elements of our work. Our therapeutic relationship is guaranteed by the principles of the international psychotherapeutic community and is agreed under a therapy agreement we both sign at the beginning of the treatment.

Therapies offered:

  • Counselling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • EMDR
  • ‘Stress Control’ Group Session
  • ‘Help Yourself Sleep’ Group Session